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How To Tell Fake Yeezys VS Real

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2 is very popular, but there are a lot of high-figure Yeezy Boost on the market. The simulation is extremely high. Basically, there is nothing to distinguish between true and false. Some have to look carefully to find out that there are real shoes. What is the difference, it is easy to break into the trap of buying fake shoes. Earlier friends spent a lot of money in the Taobao flagship store to buy Yeezy Boost 350 V2 Oreo color. The owner insisted that the goods are genuine, but some netizens pointed out that these shoes are different from real shoes. How to tell fake Yeezys VS real?We invited “experts” to distinguish the authenticity of two pairs of shoes.

Below we identify Yeezy true and false from several details

Boost bottom texture, color

The real shoes Boost has a neat texture, along the same direction, the color is more matte, it looks less reflective. The boost lines of the fake shoes are opened and smashed, and the color is relatively light and reflective.

Insole edge of fake Yeezys VS real

The insole of the real shoes is neatly arranged, and the curvature of the bend is one. Fake yeezy shoes insole is not aligned, bent and bent.

Insole side sentence of fake Yeezys VS real

The real shoe insole has a slender word on the side, while the fake shoe has a flat body and lacks a three-dimensional effect.

Insole back Adidas logo

The R registered trademark of the Adidas logo on the back of the insole, the real shoe shape is thicker, the fake shoe shape is younger and has no three-dimensional effect.

The true and false shoes are the old version of Size Tag, the MADE word of “MADE IN CHINA” on the Size Tag, the “A” and “D” of the real shoes are connected, and the “A” and “D” of the fake shoes are separate. There are also some differences in the details of other fonts.

Precautions before buying Yeezy

We will share some knowledge of the more expensive shoes, such as Yeezy with you, so that everyone can reduce the chances of buying fake shoes.

Fake Yeezys VS Real

Pay attention to details such as insoles

The high imitation Yeezy looks may not be as big as the real shoes, so pay special attention to some details such as the insole.

Collect true and false shoes comparison chart

Before buying shoes, do information collection on the Internet, find more real fake shoes comparison maps, size tag photos, when used to compare.

Buy in a reputable store

Buy at a specialty store or reputable store and reduce the chances of buying fake shoes.

Request and retain receipts

When you buy shoes, remember to ask for and keep the receipt. If you have any doubts about the real or fake goods or any problems, you can pursue and return them.

Upload shoes photos to the forum to identify true and false

You can then use the online certification forum to help you distinguish between true and false shoes, such as a net, if you need to take pictures of different angles and details of the shoes uploaded to the forum to distinguish between true and false.

Finally, we must treat it with a good attitude. I don’t think there is anything wrong with high imitation fake Yeezys shoes. The work of Super A goods in a certain field in China is still good. The comfort and workmanship are no different from the genuine ones. The price of cheap Yeezys replica is also a few folds of genuine products. Not! Of course, the authenticity is certainly good, but the price of ordinary wage earners can not accept, do not care about the price of genuine counters. In fact, I am not afraid to buy fakes. I am angry that you spend money on counter shoes to buy fakes. (source)

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