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Buy Cheap Fake Yeezys Zebra

I use the term “fantastic goods” here, which can almost describe why Yeezy is the most expensive sneaker in the world. Fake Yeezys Zebra is actually a series designed by “Kinge” Kanye West for Adidas. After the end of the cooperation with Nike at the end of 2013, Grandpa switched to his rival Adidas.

Fake Yeezys Zebra
Fake Yeezys Zebra

The collaboration with Adidas was first released. At the time, social networking and media were enthusiastic about the two pairs of shoes. One pair is Yeezy Boost 350 and the other pair is Yeezy 750.  The latter was only 9000 pairs in the world when starting, even the mainland area More than a dozen pairs. The price was heated to tens of thousands of yuan.

According to the trend of the portal portal Highsnobiety released in the 2015 most valuable shoes list. There are 20 pairs of the most expensive shoes last year.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 750 “Triple Black” color scheme. The average price of a pair of new products on eBay is $1,876. Six of the top 10 are the Yeezy series.

The first white sale was sold out within an hour of listing in Europe and Canada and sold out in the US for 15 minutes. Later, there are some tutorials, such as “How avoid to buy a pair of Fake Yeezys Zebra” and others.

This is actually not very useful. This pair of crazy shoes, like the Air Yeezy and Air Yeezy II sneakers that the grandfather and Nike used in the past. Although the official price is only one or two thousand yuan, but can really buy The price has exceeded one or two thousand yuan. I really can’t estimate the price of this shoes.

Adidas’ hunger marketing has made Sneaker suffer, and now it has opened the “Shake to buy shoes” and use the ID number.

Adidas Yeezy Boost 350 now costs between RMB 6000 and 8000 in the secondary market.

At the just-concluded Yeezy Season 3 conference, the Yeezy Boost 350 brought innovation, texture changes and fluorescent details to give the shoe a new look. Relatively speaking, the design of this 350 is more in line with the domestic aesthetics. Stars favor this Yeezy Boost 350, and Wu Yifan and Yu Wenle are crazy fans of this shoe. As a young nephew of Kanye West, Kendall Jenner demonstrated how to dress these shoes for girls.

The biggest difference between Adidas Yeezy Boost and Nike Air Yeezy is that the previous Air Yeezy design is high-tech and avant-garde. This time Adidas Yeezy Boost returns to the fashion world to create a fashion item. From the exterior design, Kanye West still retains the Nike Air Yeezy logo-style vamp strap design and co-operated with Nike. The zipper detail design on the inside of the shoe gives the overall style a more stylish look.

Fake Yeezys Zebra
Fake Yeezys Zebra

The sole design of the pair of Fake Yeezys Zebra is the most prominent part of the whole. The white midsole has a straight detail from the side of the shoe, adding a more intense fashion atmosphere. Finally, the heel position is made with a sliver as the main axis, and the suspected air cushion design makes the whole pair of Adidas Yeezy Boost 500 both stylish and functional.

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