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Spotted: Nike LeBron Soldier 12 (XII) ‘Agimat’

Almost exactly one year ago Nike released the ‘Agimat’ colorway of the Nike LeBron 14… a special nod for LeBron James’ fans in Philippines. Agimat is a Filipino word for “amulet” or “charm”.

Just a couple of days ago a similar make up applied onto the LeBron Soldier 12 has been spotted at one of Footlocker stores located in Las Vegas.

It’s very similar to the aforementioned LEBRON XIV with a deep navy base, gold branding, and even that special graphic lining on the inside.

Several stores already have them but keep your eyes peeled for a wider release. I’ll let you know.

Nike Uses Popular Energy Look for Upcoming LeBron Soldier 12 Release

Even though the Nike Soldier line is motivated to offer the best performance for playing basketball every now and then Nike tries to add more style in order to make them more appealing for casual wear.

For one of the upcoming colorways Nike used neutral grey tones and contrasting Red and Gold details. The concept is slightly reminiscent of the “Platinum” Air Yeezy 2. Personally, I find the heel part very interesting with a mysterious 2100 degree gold branding.

Look for this special LeBron Soldier 12 to drop at Nike Basketball retailers in the upcoming weeks. There’s no exact release date at the moment. It will be posted on the launch list once available.

The OG Colorway and LeBron Logo Grace the Nike Soldier 12

The ‘Champions Think 16′ collection continues and next month it’s going to bring us the ’25 Straight’ Nike Zoom Soldier, which is kind of a Retro release.

For the Nike LeBron Soldier 12, which finally launched yesterday for good, Nike is going to give us the same OG White, Navy and Gold colorway. On top of that they use the OG LBJ23 Nike logo to give us that throwback feeling. Finally the ‘Witness’ phrase is also making a comeback on the back of the shoe.

The ‘White/Navy’ Nike LeBron Soldier XII is scheduled to drop in May. Check out the catalog images below.

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 ‘Hazel Rush’ Has a New Release Date

The Nike LeBron Soldier 12 was supposed to launch last week. After a little bit of confusion the new release dates are available. Both the ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ aka ‘Dark 23’ and the ‘Hazel Rush’ aka ‘Camo’ colorways have been pushed back. They are now scheduled to be released on the 25th and 26th of April, respectively.

That’s for the United States. In other markets the ‘Dark 23’ colorway was already released last week (Asia) and the ‘Camo’ version dropped without any delays in Asia and Europe.

Check out the new images below and stay tuned for more updates on all upcoming Soldier 12s.

Source: @id4shoes

First Look at Upcoming Nike LeBron Soldier 12 ‘SVSM’ Home

The last time we got a chance to but a St. Vincent – St. Mary colorway at retail was the Zoom LeBron VI… almost 9 years ago!

Nike has turned things around and seems like we get another shot this year. It’s funny how Nike used the House of Hoops platform to kick off the Solider 1 with the first High School releases. Now they’re back to using HoH for the LeBron Watch releases and back to releasing school PEs to public.

The presented ‘SVSM’ SOLDIER XII offers a simple White and Green look, but I’m sure fans will appreciate the details including the IRISH on the strap, the Dunkman logo on the heel, and the Fighting Irish logo on the insole.

Check out the gallery below and stay tuned to for release information once available.

‘Zero Dark Thirty’ Nike LeBron Soldier XII Has Been Pushed Back

Three days ago, on April 12th, Nike was supposed to launch the Nike LeBron Soldier XII in the initial ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ colorway. If you can’t find them… you’re ain’t the only one. For some reason only the Big Kids’ version is available for purchase.

Turns out the SOLDIER XII has been delayed in both U.S. and Europe markets. Footlocker Europe dropped some info that we should expect them in May. I’m not sure if this only applies to the initial colorway because there’s the second version – ‘Hazel Rush’ – coming out next week. It is still scheduled to drop on April 19th.

Retailers in Asia didn’t get the memo, it seems, and some stores have released the shoe to public. At least we get some detailed pictures including a first look at the SOLDIER XII box, which for the first time gets a brand new design. Check out the close ups below and keep checking back for updates on the actual release date for the Soldier 12.

Source: @lj_fans_jp

The OG Zoom Soldier ‘Navy’ Returns for the Nike LeBron Soldier 12

The Nike Zoom Soldier XII launches tomorrow in the ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ colorway. Nike also plans to “Retro” the first instalment of the Nike Soldier series with a limited ’25 Straight’ edition releasing next month.

Combine both shoes together and you get a special Soldier 12 style that uses the OG Nike Zoom Soldier color blocking and even sports the old school LBJ23 logo on the straps. It’s nice to see the Soldier line getting more love with such a special design.

Checkout the gallery below, which includes some interesting angles including the unstrapped look, the outsole pattern and a brand new SOLDIER 12 box.

Pics: @street8oy

Nike LeBron Soldier 12 SFG ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ – Release Date

LeBron James is expected to enter his ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ mode cutting off all social media activities come Playoffs time. He is also expected to debut the next iteration of the Nike Soldier series – the SOLDIER XII. We already got a preview of the Camo colorway and now we get the catalog images showing the Blackout version.

The ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ colorway is scheduled to be released on April 12th, 2018 for $130 as fans will get a chance to gear for the Playoffs.

Based on the provided images there are a couple of things worth mentioning. There’s a knitted upper around the ankle area, but that’s not the BattleKnit used on the 15s. The signature straps are still here. The Zoom Air on the heel seems huge.

First Look at Nike LeBron Soldier 12 ‘Hazel Rush’

No. The Nike LeBron Soldier 12 doesn’t have 5 straps, but it almost looks like it, though.

This is the very first look at the upcoming twelfth iteration of the Nike Soldier series. After going laceless with the Soldier 10, Nike keeps the streak and the newest model is still using straps. Technically there are two straps overlapping each other. Seems that Nike addressed the flapping straps problem and added two big Velcro panel on the heel.

The presented ‘Hazel Rush’ colorway is scheduled to be released on April 19th, 2018. It’s possible LeBron James will debut the SOLDIER XII during the Playoffs and switch between these and the 15s.

Hit the link for more pics and let us know your first impression after seeing the latest LeBron James’ signature shoe.